We specialize in the following services:

  • Work with the client to arrive at an agreed upon budget and categorize each individual expense for the project
  • Consult with the client to create a custom architecturally designed plan for the project
  • Provide the client with an understanding of the financing process throughout the project so they may manage their costs accordingly
  • Gather and submit appropriate documentation for a building permit
  • Qualify trade contractors on their ability to perform the work required by drawings and specifications
  • Follow a standard process for securing industry competitive pricing for each expense
  • Meet with contractors and suppliers to create a detailed construction schedule
  • Continuously communicate with architects, trade contractors and suppliers throughout construction process
  • Manage the delivery and inspection of materials
  • Follow standard inspection sequence so the project is ready for critical inspection points
  • Manage and document all change orders
  • Document work performance through the potential use of photo and digital recordings
  • Anticipate incomplete and deficient details that will be in need of repair and have them completed prior to the end of the project
  • Organize project correspondence, documents and proposals for easy reference
  • Manage all invoices and payment expectations of contractors and suppliers
  • Track expenditures in a job cost spreadsheet 
  • Manage safety processes during the construction phase so personal health and welfare are given priority during the project.


Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: (780) 297-9532
Fax: (780) 665-4250
Whether you are a business professional, medical practitioner or entrepreneur  who wants to develop an office space or an individual inquiring about  building a custom home; our management team is available to schedule a free consultation with you to explain how we can assist you  with the construction process without compromising your budget.